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Best Selling, Award Winning Church Management Software with over 30 Million Dollars Donated over 10 Years.


Developed By A team of 30 Programmers, Project Managers, Employees and Testers.
Donation includes 24 Hour fast email customer support (others charge for support).
Donation is one-time only payment, Free Upgrades, not a monthly fee like some programs.
90% of your donation for the purchase of this program is donated to charity.
Your purchase is fully tax deductible.
Save costs in multiple areas and watch your church grow exponentially.
 Unlimited Installs for your Church (Others charge license for each install).
Easy to Install. Insert disc and program automatically installs, no skills required.
Works on all versions of Windows, Old or New, No internet connection required.

Comprehensive, Color, easy to use Hardcopy Manual and PDF file Manual Included

Compare SImilar Programs:

churchwindows $650
churchsoftware $895
powerchurch $544
churchpro $557
servantpc $499
churchteams $70 per month
iconcmo $60 per month
cdmplus $1095

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Church Management Advanced
(3,000,000 Members)

List Price: $595.95
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Church Management Professional
(250,000 Members)
List Price: $249.95
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This program was very helpful, saved us alot of time and we are grateful for it.
Megan Wright

As the Business Manager I was currently using Quickbooks for their managing of finances. Our church has a total of 5000 active family members So updates and data entry can get hectic. I viewed the web site and purchased. We have totally switched to this database so as it has been so easy. Thanks, Carla

I've used this program for many years and will use it again this year.
It is easy to use and found no problems while testing. It should give any user confidencein the stability of the database and finances.
Dr. Richard Brown

I have installed this program, imported my previous information which I kept in a spreadsheet file, updated to the product with out a problem. I feel it is a great product, and will continue to recommend it to other pastors.
John Schultz

Install was simple and I had no issues whatsoever. The program has now been installed on our church machine for about a month and I have had no thoughts about switching back to the program we previously used.
Sarah Reinstein

"I absolutely loved the program, God Bless You! Just what I needed."
James Stally

"Thank you for this program, it allowed me to get a better organization of my church and I have seen good results."
Alexis Nalbert

"Good features, great price and great cause. Everything worked out perfectly"
Ida Tamminga

"I looked around and compared alot of different programs because we needed something like this for our ministry, this turned out to be a good fit."
Robert Haese

"Thanks for all your help, this program works like a dream and is really easy, Highly recommended."
Wayne Adams